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March 28, 2013


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HAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! Lord. Makes me wonder what your message translated to. You are SO ENTERTAINING!

Charis! It's Caroline! I just discovered your blog. I looked up chalkballerina because i had this urge to see your photography, and I remembered it was the name of your company... and then I found this! What a gem! I miss you already and can't see you again.... even though it will not be for about a week and a half. sniff. i weep. but honestly, this blog kind of makes me love you more, and maybe even want to be you, just a little bit. or re-start my own blog... which I abandoned about 4 years ago... or 5... or 6?? wow, it's been a long time. anyway, now i'm just writing words for the sake of writing words so i'll stop. just thought i'd say hi is all, and that you're neat and cool and i like you.

Joani I always love your comments... AND you. :))))))))))))))))

Caroline, this made me laugh OUT LOUD! HAHHAA, thanks for your sweet words. And when we hang out we can spend lots of time talking just for the sake of saying words. ;) Love love.

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