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February 20, 2009


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plans to build teleporters are crap. (sometimes.) We've been talking about building a teleporter for 6 years.

I pretty much laughed my way through this blog... thankful for our laughs today.

Oh my lord this just made my day that is a boring and horribly slow thursday. now it is a friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how you do it, but everything you write makes me laugh and you describe things so well, smarty. :) I miss talking to you! You rock.

Wow that was funny. Thanks for the laugh of the day, Charis!

And now I'm going to go rub vagina all over myself...

oh wow, this was such a great laugh! i could totally just picture every single one of these stories, which made them all the better. hahaha, i think collin is my long lost twin - i asked for steak this past christmas!

i haven't seen your family in ages but i just adore you all so much and you really do have such a special place in my heart. you guys make the best memories ever, something i covet quite furiously, but am so thankful for!

p.s. i tutor some kids at legacy a couple times a week that are around collin's age, and i see collin every now and then.. so now i'm sitting here trying to figure out if i know the poor little vagina girl!

oh LORD i love these paragraphs! i cannot stop laughing.

damn, yall have a great family to be a part of. i'm not gonna lie, i'm jealous. :)

but i would love to get to know every one of you five. that would be a compromise.

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