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January 20, 2007


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Just the name David James Duncan sends me into soaring emotion! He is also the author of The Brothers K, one of my MOST favorite books, so to hear you speak of this one in words that I have used for K, I cannot wait to read it, my reading friend.

Word. I hate olives and love Candy Corn!

You sold me on the waltzing to bluegrass. Count me in on the book club!

I tracked down your site because of a Christmas card I got from a friend with your scrumptious photo of his daughters. After looking at your other photos and reading this post, I'm going to rush right out and get some kids so you can shoot them too.

good word here. And thanks for a reading suggestion. I think there are so many related, overlapping, and interrelated reasons (rational and irrational) as to why an evangelism approach can rub us the wrong way. And it doesn't make us bad that it does- and it doesn't make their approach (whatever it may be) right. It's just how these things work out. Still, despite the train wreck it often can turn into- It could be the perfect vehicle for that person (whoever they are) that needs that question. And it could be the worst for another. We're unique and I believe our strategies of approach must be unique as well- And even more than that, they must be GENUINE. I pray your approach and mine are our own, if nothing else. Feel me?

Do you travel, to do photos?

yes I travel to do photos.

and I think I feel you, but I also think I don't. I think my entry made you uncomfortable and you needed to tidy up a bit.
and I have no idea who you are.

We ARE unique, but the phrase 'our strategies of approach' is the very idea and drive that I am commenting on.
AND, I wonder about the idea that being genuine/authentic is the end all greatest thing. Surely what and who we long to be is more than just 'being genuine?' Or maybe authenticity is much different from how I hear it described.
Seems to me that the claim of authenticity can justify anything.
Would you apologize for a part of you that was being totally genuine, but greatly harmed someone else in the process?
I think we have a higher call than just being genuine. What about being responsible? Flexible? Changing? Permeable?
What if who we are one moment was the past moment's inauthenticity?

Great, I have a 50th Birthday party coming up for my Father, we will have LOTS of family. The location is in OH on their farm. My siblings have hired an illusionist.
Lots of faces to shoot! I'm a big fan, heard about you from someone on Eyefetch. I am also a fan of B&W, I feel using color is only appropriate when it adds something to the shot.

I'm not sure if the rest of that was meant for me, " I think I feel you"....but I think it's because I have a love of photography as well. I can tell you I'm soo going to read that book! Are you an author?
You should be.

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